Wednesday, 15 June 2011

365 Steps To Self Confidence - How to build confidence, step four

I've undertaken to try this self help book, something I normally find incredibly alien. I recognise that despite all the work I've done in the wake of Mum's death, I still find myself lack in self worth and self confidence. This leads me to become terrified and it's truly making a mess of what I really want.

I'm not going to share everything as this almost certainly needs to be a private journey, but on occasion it might be helpful to me to show what I'm working on.

Write down three beliefs that you hold about yourself which could be limiting your confidence.
Now think of three beliefs you would rather have, beliefs that would empower you and bring confidence. Cross out the limiting beliefs and write these empowering beliefs in their place.
What would you have to do for these new beliefs to come true?

1. I'm fat and unattractive. I have a handsome face and can carry myself well.

2. I'm dumb and I underachieve. I'm intelligent and adaptable; that my talents lie in other areas to my friends is not a bad thing.

3. Everyone I love will always leave me. I love me and I will never give up on myself. If another person does, it is their loss.

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  1. Were we both single, I would take you in a girly fashion. Because you're handsome, knowledgable and good company.

    I hope you'll feel better soon.

    If you need any more self-help resources, the uni's counsellers recommend those websites: